9054 S CEDAR RD CEDAR, MI 49621

Deer Processing Available!!

Deli & Specials

Offering a full line of groceries and fresh produce.

From Subs to Salads to Pizzas-
Bunting's Cedar Market has it all!

Crisp salads, cold sandwiches, weekly dinner specials, homemade baked goods, and weekly lunch specials available Please call 231-228-7460 for our specials information.

Buntings shop pack lunch box
Buntings shop chicken leg piece
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Smokehouse Specials

The Smokehouse offers weekend specials & home smoked meats, in bulk quantities, and that are available for shipping.

Weekday Dinner Specials

Monday: Smoked Chicken & Smoked Turkey Drums
Tuesday: Smoked Mini-Hams
Wednesday: Prime Rib
Thursday: Meatloaf
Friday: Baby Back Ribs & Brats
Prices vary due to Market