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Cuts of Venison

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 11:01 AM


Deer hunting season is upon us in Michigan. At Bunting’s Cedar Market, we know it’s never too early to start thinking about how you’ll store and prepare your venison. Depending on how much luck you have this hunting season, you may have a venison-filled freezer to last you until next season!

But how do you get the most out of your deer meat? Is there a way to utilize every part of the deer without leaving anything to waste? Learning the different cuts and uses can help you get the most out of your hunt and enjoy delicious meals!

Venison neck meat usually contains silver skin and fat. All of the collagen breaks down easily in a slow heat, making it a great cut for slow cooking as it results in a great texture similar to a pork shoulder. Because of its odd shape, this cut is ideal for meals that require shredded meat including tacos, stews, or sandwiches. 

The amount of rib meat you get from a deer largely depends on its size. While a smaller deer may not provide a lot of meat, you can use the strips between the rib bones for stews and chili, or grind it into a burger. 

Due to its size (it is the largest cut of meat), the hindquarters have a variety of uses. You can serve it as a larger roast, similar to a pot roast; or cut it into steaks, grind them into burgers or sausage, or shred it into stew meat. 

Perhaps the most versatile cut of deer, shoulder meat can be braised, ground into burgers or sausage, added to a stew, or made into venison jerky. About the only thing we wouldn’t use it for is steaks, as the cut is a little too small. 

Back Strap
Where the shoulder is the most versatile cut, the back straps are considered the best cut – and often the people’s favorite. The possibilities for preparation and serving are endless! They can be attached at the ribs for venison chops, cut into medallion steaks, or stuffed and baked as a filet. Keep in mind that back straps can overcook easily, and should be served medium rare for optimal texture and flavor. 

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